Wednesday, August 26, 2009

OMG!!! They read my mind!!

"Repurposing a 1954 vintage Bellwood Aloha trailer into a hip mobile vintage boutique. Available for markets, parties, festivals, special events, house calls, photo shoots and even styling."

I found this great idea on a site called Punky Style - yeah, no kidding! Punky and WONDERFUL!!

As you will notice in the posting from yesterday - a few 5th wheels with beautiful interiors caught my attention. And as I was daydreaming, I thought how cool it would be to have a cute little shoppe in a 5th wheel... and then WHAMO - today, I bump right into one...well, on-line anyway.

I hope you are enjoying the theme because I have been saving it, but now I must share... my next post will also have a 5th wheel with a very sweet surprise! Come to think of it, some folks may see that one before they get to this one, but discovery is wonderful no matter the order.

As for the little shop above, I believe that is called Haberdash and is located in Worcester, MA. I could not find much about the gal, or the dialogue about how the concept came about but I did find fun photos and the blog, so here you go! Enjoy