Friday, September 11, 2009

with love

This morning I decided to look for an image that would reflect my feelings.  You see, I am a native New Yorker that now lives in Oregon.  My heart is with my friends and family back on the east coast today as they take a minute to remember this day eight years ago.  When this photo popped up I knew in an instant that it would do the trick.  xo to my loved ones, from your tree-hugger friends on the west coast.
When I discovered where the image came from I was happy that it had a double meaning to me.  Below find the details and the link for more info.
By Tim McKeough
Posted September 21, 2006
"A forest has sprouted up along the sidewalks of Times Square. But the 186 “trees” aren’t the gift of nature; they’re vinyl banners created by an international group of graphic designers and artists. Organized by Worldstudio Foundation, the Times Square Alliance, and AIGA New York, the Urban Forest Project temporarily adds some public art to an area where corporate signage usually rules the roost, and where trees are noticeably absent."

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Swan Island Dahlia Festival

What is your favorite flower?  Well, today mine is the Dahlia!  I took a trip to Canby, Oregon with a few friends today and fell in love!  The Swan Island Dahlia Farm has an annul Festival to celebrate their beautiful blooms.  It is AMAZING.  Just imagine, 40 acres of Dahlias with 350 varieties.
Swan Island Dahlias is the largest and leading dahlia grower in the United States and has been in operation for over 75 years. The Gitts family has owned and operated the business for over 40 years. We proudly offer the largest full color dahlia catalog in the industry. We hybridize our own new varieties, planting over 30,000 seedlings each year. From those original seedlings, it takes about 4 years to introduce a new seedling for sale. Each season we introduce anywhere from 5 to 15 new varieties which are featured in our catalog and at our farm. We grow over 350 varieties on 40 acres that are open to the public during blooming season, and it is a beautiful sight to behold. We are very proud of Swan Island Dahlias, and the farming tradition our family brings to the business we’ve owned and operated for three generations. We are dedicated to bringing the best and highest quality dahlias the world has to offer now and in future generations to come.

Dsquared2 Runway Fall 2009

This is my favorite look for everyday Fall Fashion.  Dsquared2 Runway - FA09 from made me want to run out and grab a latte!  Here's a little insight on the collection's inspiration from

The Dsquared² girls strutted down the catwalk clutching Starbucks venti lattes and Mochaccinos and toting Us Weeklys in their big leather It bags. Jourdan Dunn checked her BlackBerry, peering over the rims of her retro shades, while another model sucked on a cigarette. Show tunes and hair bands vied on the soundtrack. In case it's not clear by now, this collection was all about the high-low mix: T-shirts, preppy pastel button-downs, and boyfriend jeans topped off with a snug washed leather jacket and a trucker hat; a pair of tank tops tucked into a mini made from a Chanel-ish plaid bouclĂ©; or a faded denim jacket tossed on over a black jersey gown with crystal straps. Nearly every look was accessorized with knit caps, sunglasses, and bling.
More at Dsquared2 Fall '09 Runway.

i heart cupcakes!

Enjoy Cupcakes Shop
Banana Lemon Cream Cupcake
Enjoy Cupcakes Menu
Enjoy Cupcake Catering Trailer
(my last trailer image, I promise!)
This will not surprise anyone, I heart cupcakes, who doesn't?  I love cupcakes as much as I love great design, a great pair of shoes, a beautiful hand bag, a colorful cutting garden, you get the idea.  I have been known to bribe my son with a trip to our favorite local cupcake shop.  I often daydream about baking and selling cupcakes all day long, but when I saw Enjoy Cupcakes on the Design*Sponge blog a few weeks ago and I have become obsessed with the idea.  Must stop dreaming about cupcakes....
I had lunch with my good friend Beth the other day and I told here about my cupcake dreams.  She mentioned that she has a friend in NYC who has planned a Cupcake Tour for Beth's next visit.  I thought- that's genius!!!  Below are a few of the stops on the list that I would not miss.

But, I am not in NYC, I am in PDX - (that's Portland), so off the top of my head I thought I would list my favorites:

And not pictured- there is Cupcake Jones and Bliss Cupcake Shop.  My list is pretty short so I think I should go out and scout the city - there have got to more than four cupcake shops.  In the name of true blogging, I'll get back to you once I have a complete list.  Sweet Thoughts, more to come!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

OMG!!! They read my mind!!

"Repurposing a 1954 vintage Bellwood Aloha trailer into a hip mobile vintage boutique. Available for markets, parties, festivals, special events, house calls, photo shoots and even styling."

I found this great idea on a site called Punky Style - yeah, no kidding! Punky and WONDERFUL!!

As you will notice in the posting from yesterday - a few 5th wheels with beautiful interiors caught my attention. And as I was daydreaming, I thought how cool it would be to have a cute little shoppe in a 5th wheel... and then WHAMO - today, I bump right into one...well, on-line anyway.

I hope you are enjoying the theme because I have been saving it, but now I must share... my next post will also have a 5th wheel with a very sweet surprise! Come to think of it, some folks may see that one before they get to this one, but discovery is wonderful no matter the order.

As for the little shop above, I believe that is called Haberdash and is located in Worcester, MA. I could not find much about the gal, or the dialogue about how the concept came about but I did find fun photos and the blog, so here you go! Enjoy

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now I need a 5th Wheel

These wonderful 5th wheels are wallpapered by Swedish wallpaper company DecorMaison. To celebrate the new collection due in September, DecorMaison created special little places to escape from the outside world. The collection is called Oas, or Oasis in English and was designed by Teija Bruhn. Simply beautiful.
The beauty of blogging is that in my quest to discover new wonderful things, I bump into other GREAT blogs! I originally discovered the photos of these "remodeled" trailers on, then followed the link to Both amazing!
I am sure that there is a clever way to link to the other blogs but in the mean time click below.

The Art of Cake

I have never seen anything so inspirational on a cake plate. I have been know to obsess over the beauty of baked goods but today's post on Design*Sponge made my heart flutter!!

I can not explain... I am still reeling! Check out the link-
"caitlin williams (a former co-owner of the famed miette patisserie) is now creating art-inspired sweets for the blue bottle coffee bar at sfmoma’s new rooftop sculpture garden. "
Image above, photo credit: charles villyard