Sunday, September 6, 2009

i heart cupcakes!

Enjoy Cupcakes Shop
Banana Lemon Cream Cupcake
Enjoy Cupcakes Menu
Enjoy Cupcake Catering Trailer
(my last trailer image, I promise!)
This will not surprise anyone, I heart cupcakes, who doesn't?  I love cupcakes as much as I love great design, a great pair of shoes, a beautiful hand bag, a colorful cutting garden, you get the idea.  I have been known to bribe my son with a trip to our favorite local cupcake shop.  I often daydream about baking and selling cupcakes all day long, but when I saw Enjoy Cupcakes on the Design*Sponge blog a few weeks ago and I have become obsessed with the idea.  Must stop dreaming about cupcakes....
I had lunch with my good friend Beth the other day and I told here about my cupcake dreams.  She mentioned that she has a friend in NYC who has planned a Cupcake Tour for Beth's next visit.  I thought- that's genius!!!  Below are a few of the stops on the list that I would not miss.

But, I am not in NYC, I am in PDX - (that's Portland), so off the top of my head I thought I would list my favorites:

And not pictured- there is Cupcake Jones and Bliss Cupcake Shop.  My list is pretty short so I think I should go out and scout the city - there have got to more than four cupcake shops.  In the name of true blogging, I'll get back to you once I have a complete list.  Sweet Thoughts, more to come!