Friday, September 11, 2009

with love

This morning I decided to look for an image that would reflect my feelings.  You see, I am a native New Yorker that now lives in Oregon.  My heart is with my friends and family back on the east coast today as they take a minute to remember this day eight years ago.  When this photo popped up I knew in an instant that it would do the trick.  xo to my loved ones, from your tree-hugger friends on the west coast.
When I discovered where the image came from I was happy that it had a double meaning to me.  Below find the details and the link for more info.
By Tim McKeough
Posted September 21, 2006
"A forest has sprouted up along the sidewalks of Times Square. But the 186 “trees” aren’t the gift of nature; they’re vinyl banners created by an international group of graphic designers and artists. Organized by Worldstudio Foundation, the Times Square Alliance, and AIGA New York, the Urban Forest Project temporarily adds some public art to an area where corporate signage usually rules the roost, and where trees are noticeably absent."